Monkey Business in Japan

Monkey Business in Japan

Have you ever been somewhere where you knew, for certain, that you would never return in the rest of your life? When I set foot in Arashiyama, Japan, two years ago with my study abroad program, I knew I would NEVER return to that city again. However, I was more certain that I would never go to the monkey park that is located atop one of the smaller mountains just across the river that traverses through Arashiyama.

I first went there with some friends during a trip to Kansai and was amazed by how many wild monkeys ran about freely without a fear of humans. You can feed the monkeys, take photos of them, and get very close without any fear of attack or something going wrong. I had the pleasure to return there on Saturday with a friend I met at language school last summer.

Aside from the amazing view of Kyoto from above, there are countless opportunities to capture priceless memories. Check out these monkeys drinking at the small pond at the top of the mountain while a koi feeds on a floating leaf. This picture is worth a thousand words.


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