Street Food, the Best Food

Street Food, the Best Food

Living in Japan, sampling delicious street food, trying new and exciting foods, and sometimes bartering for a better price gradually becomes a way of life. Yesterday I went to Kyoto and returned to Arashiyama to take in some of the famed autumn leaves as they change from green to vivid shades of red, yellow, and orange.

When we arrived in Arashiyama, just west of Kyoto, we noticed how amazing and beautiful the koyo (紅葉)were. The vividness of the leaves, boats on the river, and people watching were memorable and I will post about the day at a later date.

The one image that will stick with me from the trip to Arashiyama is sampling some of the abundant street food. This stand, offering yakitori, corn, and hot dogs, was the most lively. Between bartering, flipping the yakitori, and selling their products, this Japanese family sure worked hard. Sampling street food is a part of everyone’s life in Japan. This photo captures some of the energy at this food stand.

Street food is the best food.


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