A Great Weekend with an Old Friend in a New Place

All of us are often told ‘all good things must end’ as a means through which we can accept friendships ending, moving on from previous commitments, and many other things in our lives. Unfortunately as a matter of time and circumstance, many things in our lives certainly do come to an end no matter how much we wish they would not. Several weeks before I embarked on my journey to Japan, I had an informal barbecue with a friend in Philadelphia and knew it would very likely be the last time we discussed Asia, politics, and had a good meal before I returned to the United States at some point in the future. That’s the way things usually work and the reality of the situation was painfully obvious. 

This weekend, I am happy to report I was terribly wrong in thinking we would not see each other again before I returned from Japan. Several weeks ago, I received an e-mail that my friend would be coming to Japan on business for a week in December in Kobe. 

After rendezvousing at the Shinkansen station here in Kobe, we made our way off for a few drinks and a good dinner last evening to catch up and talk about the last four months of my life in Japan, how things were going at the university, and just to discuss life. I am often amazed when I meet friends or acquaintances in far off places, removed from where we met or knew each other in the past. This weekend was no different. I was having dinner with one of my favorite professors from my university in Japan, of all places. 

On saturday, we explored Kobe, a place where this person lived in the past, discussing the chances and upgrades to what was in the city twenty year ago. We got dinner with a mutual friend of ours at a great sushi restaurant in Rokko and that brought back even more memories from semesters past and other discussions. It was a remarkable day. 

More of the same continued as I showed my friend my apartment and we went to some more far off places in Kobe. 

I’ve attached some photos from our stops in Arimaguchi and some other spots around the city. 

Maybe, sometimes, you can truly relive the past and remake friendships. This year it has happened twice for me. May the rest of the week be as rewarding and interesting. 

I will have a few travel posts coming in the near future. A massive adventure is on the horizon. 

All images and content (c) Erik Jacobs, 2013. erikabroad.com All Rights Reserved



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