About Erik

Hailing from Central Pennsylvania, I learned to love to travel at a young age with my family’s annual road trips to famous destinations all across the Southern and Eastern United States. These road trips coupled with a trip to the Grand Canyon in 2006 solidified my desire to travel. Along the way, I have acquired a taste for colonial architecture and meeting interesting people in every aspect of my travels.

I studied abroad in Tokyo in 2011 and experienced the Great Tohoku Earthquake. In the interim, I finished my undergraduate degree and returned to Japan for work.

To date, I have visited 31 of the 50 United States, three Canadian Provinces, Israel, the Czech Republic, most of Japan, and 16 other East Asian countries.


Overlooking Bar Harbor, Maine, from Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park. (c) ErikAbroad June, 2013.

3 thoughts on “About Erik

  1. Love the pic Erik! Spending this summer in Castine, ME and plan to hike Cadillac ourselves. Hey send me some postcards of your travels…..
    Joe Geronimo
    300 Hollerith Ave
    Endwell, NY 13760
    United States

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